The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Super Blood Moons, Lunar Eclipse, and Proving the Teacher Wrong

Every now and then I make outlandish claims to students just to see if they are really paying attention to what I am saying. And sometimes those outlandish claims turn into really fun quick projects for my class.

Today provided one of those opportunities.

Each Monday morning in our class meeting, the students get a chance to share what they did over the weekend. The vast majority of my class mentioned staying up to see the super blood moon and the lunar eclipse that happened last night. After every student shared, I told them what I did: took a nap on Saturday afternoon, watched the new Cinderella movie that evening, and orchestrated the lunar eclipse on Sunday evening.

One student said, “Wow, that’s awesome. Mr. Valencic!”

The rest of the class said, “Wait… what?! You didn’t cause the lunar eclipse!”

I said, “Oh, really? Okay, you have ten minutes to prove me wrong. You’ve got your Chromebooks and our science books. Go for it!”

Image not even close to be to scale.(Image not even close to being to scale.)

For the next ten minutes, nearly every student in my class was reading articles about lunar eclipses and learning more about what causes a blood moon and a super moon. Then they shared with each other what they learned. There were discussions about the rotation of the earth and the orbit of the moon and the earth’s orbit around the sun (one student said something about the sun orbiting the earth but his classmate’s quickly corrected him). And they all convincingly proved that I didn’t actually cause the eclipse.

I did get to take a nice long nap on Saturday afternoon, though, and I really did watch the new Cinderella movie that evening.


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