The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Student Guest Post 5: Exciting Things Going On

This is the fifth in my series of guest posts written by students. Once again, it is presented without any edits, even if I really want to go through and correct the mechanics…

Our principal said that if we do not have any office refferals our names would be drawn to go to the Krannert art museum to see some wonderful chinese acrobats witch we look forward to. The Wiley Walk-a-thon is happening and

we are exited. Mr.Valencic’s class is working on a social studies inquiry project on pre-Colombian civilizations such as the aztec, mayan and inca empires. i like my teacher because he is fun and cool and he is teaching me how to read and do math.

I do feel like I need to clarify that the students will be learning about pre-Columbian civilisations from medieval Europe, western Africa, in addition to the cultures that existed in the Americas. (Also, I am not particularly fond of the term “pre-Columbian” but since we tend to use that as a term to describe the time period before the European Age of Discovery, I’ll use it for simplicity’s sake.)

There is no school on Monday, so have a wonderful three-day weekend!


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