The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Illinois JAC – Day Two

Today was the second day of the Illinois Joint Annual Conference. There were so many panel discussions, carousel discussions, and learning labs, in addition to the second general session and the exhibition hall, that I found myself wishing, more than once, that Hermione Granger’s time-turner really existed so that I could have gone to everything!

Alas, I only had so many hours in the day, so I had to pick and choose what to do with my time and also make sure that I remembered to do important things like eating. (As it was, after eating an apple at 7:30 in the morning and an oatmeal raisin cookie around 8:45, I didn’t eat again until nearly 1 pm. Oops.)

I started my day with a visit with my wife, who is at this conference with me, to the IASB book store and saw several books that I want to add to my professional collection, such as Todd Whitaker’s “Shifting the Monkey” and Tony Wagner’s “Creating Innovators.” I also found a series of picture books by “Star Wars: Jedi Academy” series author Jeffrey Brown that I want for my personal library. Then we stopped by the Educational Environments Exhibit Hall to see some amazing examples of brilliant school design (including the Award of Distinction-winning Urbana Early Childhood Center).

For the couple of hours we wandered through the Exhibition Hall, talking to vendors about issues such as educational technology, creative learning resources, data management systems, innovative security tools, and modular carpeting. A I was particularly impressed with BoardShare, which has developed a cost-effective tool that allows you to turn any flat surface into an interactive board, and Scribfolio, which takes simple abstract figures and allows students to create pictures that tell a story. We attended a learning laboratory presentation about health and wellness that included ideas for utilising wearable technology, such as Humana’s 100-Day Dash. (I am now brainstorming ways we can use pedometers to develop a similar challenge for my school community.)

The morning ended with a panel session presented by Reyna Hernandez, the Illinois State Board of Education’s Assistant Superintendent of English Language Learning and Early Childhood. She spoke about the ISBE Family Engagement Framework and shared some wonderful research on best practices for engaging families across all areas in a way that would promote longterm sustainability. One of my favourite statements came near the end of her presentation when she told us that while buy-in is good, it is even better for parents and members of the community to feel ownership for school initiatives. How do we make this possible? By involving them in all aspects of the decision-making processes.

After a late lunch, I attended another panel session with my mother on student-led conferences and left eager to use them for parent-teacher conferences in the Spring. The concept is simple: instead of teachers meeting with parents to tell them how their students are doing, parents and teachers meet with the students so that they, the students, can explain why they are doing it! The session was presented by teachers and administrators from Belleville, Illinois, and I was very impressed with the planning that went into place before this conference model was implemented.

Day two of JAC 2015 was definitely an incredibly busy, very full day, but I have so many awesome ideas that I can hardly wait to bring back to my school and district!


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