The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Overheard in Guided Reading Groups

I love meeting with my students in guided reading groups. It is an opportunity for them to share thoughts and ideas and questions in a small setting (four to seven students instead of twenty-six). Sometimes, though, they say things that make everyone else just look at them with a bewildered expression on their faces, me included. Then we laugh together and I clarify any misunderstandings if I can. Here are a couple of quick examples from yesterday:

Teacher: What is the difference between fiction and nonfiction?
Student: Fiction is real. Nonfiction is fict… wait. No. The other way around.

T: Which character would you like to be in this story and why?
S1: I would want to be the bird in this story because he got stolen.
S2: Why would you want to get stolen?
S1: I don’t know.

T: Did this story take place in the past, present, or future? And when I say pas, I mean a long time ago, like over a hundred years ago.
S: Oh, so when dinosaurs were around?!
T: …

What are some things you have overheard recently?


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