The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Guest Artist Visit

In large part due to the wonderful grant-writing skills of two teachers in my building, my students were able to spend part of the morning on Tuesday with a guest artist from our community who also works at the Krannert Art Museum on the University of Illinois campus. Ms. Glowacki was a one-time student art teacher in our building, so many of the students already knew her, but this time they got to know her as an artist instead of as a teacher.

My class was invited to join her in art room for about 45 minutes of Tuesday where she showcased several examples of her work, included screen-printed t-shirts, record album covers, and artwork for the Ninth Letter literary journal. She also showed pieces that were part of a solo art exhibit and demonstrated the techniques she uses to create her art.

I was really pleased by how responsive my students were to her presentation. They were respectful, listened politely, asked wonderful questions, and expressed sincere interest in her work and how she creates art. Many were amazed by the variety of coloured pencils, paint markers, and even ink pen styles (one pen had a writing tip of just 0.5 mm!

I often wonder which of my students will be inspired to pursue a career by a guest visitor in our classroom. Will one of them this year decide to learn more about visual arts and graphic design because they saw what Ms. Glowacki does? Will one of them dream of having his or her own solo art exhibit? Will one of them choose to take an elective art class in high school? I don’t know, but I do know that many students will not even consider such things if they don’t know they exist, which is why I will continue to invite and welcome guests into my classroom.

Were you inspired by a special guest when you were in school? What happened?


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