The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Mayhem Poets

The Krannert Center for the Performing Arts has an amazing Youth Series that they do every school year. They provide discounted tickets for students to attend abbreviated shows in their world-class theatres to bring the arts alive. In the past, students from my school have seen plays, musicals, concerts, and dance performances. Today we had an opportunity to see something new: spoken word.

The performance was by a trio called The Mayhem Poets. The performance included inspirational messages, stories from their own lives, calls for imagination, and audience participation. They made us laugh, they made us cheer, and they made us think.

They also inspired several of our fourth graders to think more deeply about different art forms, including poetry, hip hop, and rap (which I learned many consider to be an acronym for rhythm and poetry). I am hoping to see these students explore these art forms and consider ways that they can use them to share messages they consider to be important to others.

While I had a few students who were not the greatest audience members I will readily admit that, by and large, my class behaved quite well throughout the performance. They knew when to participate and make some noise and they knew when to sit quietly and listen. It isn’t often that 9- and 10-year-old children get to go to a performance space such as the Krannert Center so I am always delighted when the opportunity arises. Also, this was a good preview for our next Krannert trip in April. I definitely know which things I need to go over with my class to help them be even more successful visitors and audience members!



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