The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Kahooting Our Way Through the Revolution

For the past few weeks, my students have been learning all about the American Revolutionary War or the American War for Independence. Each day has featured a focus on a major player, major event, or major battle. The students have read articles, compared books, watched videos, and view multimedia presentations.

After laying the groundwork for why the Revolutionary War happened, I had hoped to cover the major battles in just one week, or five days. I know there are far more than just five “major” battles from the war, but I had hoped to get to a fun science unit this week, so I wanted to wrap up the war last week. (As it turned out, things took longer than expected and so the science unit will have to wait until after Spring Break.)

The five battles we looked at were: the Battles of Lexington & Concord, the Battle of Bunker Hill (that actually took place on Breed’s Hill), the Battles of Trenton & Princeton,the Battle of Saratoga, and the Battle of Yorktown. In order to assess how well the students remembered the key facts, I chose to do quick reviews using Kahoot!. I’ve written about this online quizzing site a few times in the past (check here, here, and here), but this has been the first time I have consistently used the quizzes as part of my formal assessment of students’ learning. It has been a pretty cool experience!

I have borrowed from other teachers’ quizzes to have the foundation for mine in place but then edited them to match the information that was shared with students. I have found that the majority of my class retains their new knowledge but the quizzes have also helped me identify problem areas that need further review. Yesterday we looked at the Articles of Confederation and I thought the class had a firm understanding of the key points. But after taking the quiz, I quickly realised that we needed to spend more time on it. I found an interactive presentation on the Articles from the Colonial Williamsburg website and then we played the Kahoot! quiz again and this time the students did much, much better!

For those who may be interested, here are the links to the Revolutionary War quizzes I have used:

Lexington & Concord

Bunker Hill

Trenton & Princeton



Articles of Confederation

Tomorrow we are going to wrap up this unit by watching a movie about the Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia and then we will have a week off for Spring Break!

How have you used interactive technologies to reinforce or assess understanding?



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