The adventures of a fourth grade teacher in East Central Illinois.

Student Teachers

One of the great benefits of working in Urbana is having a wonderful relationship with the major universities near us, specifically the University of Illinois (right here in Urbana and Champaign), Illinois State University (about 45 minutes northwest of us), and Eastern Illinois University (about 45 minutes south of us). I have been able to have guests from the universities come to my classroom for a variety of reasons, but one of the best is for student teachers to do their placements in my classroom.

We had two student teachers in our classroom last semester, Ms. N and Mr. L. They were with us throughout the semester, although they were only in the room for early field experience. This means that, instead of being in the classroom all day every day, they came in for mornings or afternoons twice a week. My class loved having them here and I greatly appreciated their support! From the very beginning, they jumped in and got to know the students and willingly worked with small groups. They have both moved on to new placements, but I am confident that they will be fantastic additions to any building’s teaching staff!

This semester I will actually have several student teachers in my room. Mr G is from Eastern Illinois University and will be with us all day every day for sixteen weeks. Today was his first day and he spent most of the morning observing the organised chaos that is my classroom. In the afternoon, though, he jumped right in to working with students as they reviewed math from last semester.

Additionally, I will be sharing a team of five students teachers from U of I with the other fourth grade teacher and the reading interventionist who works with our classes. We haven’t met them yet, so I am not sure what their schedules will be, but I am super excited to welcome them to my classroom as well!


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