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Culturally-Relevant Teaching

Every time I think I am going to get back into the swing of updating this blog daily (or at least weekly) something happens to stop it from happening. After months of not being able to update it at work, my district network specialist was finally able to bypass whatever filter was blocking WordPress, but some configuration has changed and, once again, I am unable to update, despite my best intentions. (Even now, I am only able to write an update because I am waiting to help with childcare during a women’s event at my church; my wife was one of the planners and so I was “voluntold” to assist.)

Interestingly enough, though, this frustration of not being able to do something despite my best intentions ties directly into a topic I have been mulling over in my mind for several weeks and then had an epiphany about the other day: culturally-relevant teaching. (more…)